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Today we are extremely excited to welcome in the first team of the next wave of Aware Gaming pro teams. The Xbox Smite scene is one we have been very involved in from the beginning, with our teams competing at events such as: MLG, Smite World Championships, ESL and the first Smite Pro League. We have always been a big supporter of the Smite Xbox scene, and we are extremely excited that we will once again be competing in the pro league for Smite on Xbox!

We have acquired the roster of the former team "Los Amigos" which consists of: team captain Nicholas "DrLilCabes" Lohmann, Casey "LayersOfDeath" Fowler, Brenden "xBoronic" Laureano, Christopher "Kenshin" Page, Cameron "Camurxn G" Goodman and their coach Brandon "Resistevo" Fuentes. While the team has only been playing together for just over a month, they were able to cruise through the Challenger Cup series and qualify for the Smite Console League after defeating both Noble and Kingdom in the relegation matches. While this will be the first pro league experience for the majority of the team, they do have the experience of Christopher "Kenshin" Page who previously competed on LAN and in the Smite Pro League for Epsilon Esports. However, with only a month playing together this team has already shown that they have the ability to compete with anyone in the Smite Console League.

Our new Smite roster will be competing in Season 3 of the Smite Console Leauge which kicks off this Monday, September 5th! There will be no easy introduction for the team though as they will start off immediately with two matches, playing recent LAN winner Most Wanted and Soar on day one. It is a great time to get back into the Smite arena as preparations for the 2017 Smite World Championships start to ramp up. We are very excited to have this roster as part of Aware Gaming, and look forward to watching them compete this season!

Please give the team a follow and support as they begin their quest to qualify for the Smite World Championships! We would also like to thank our great sponsors at: Scuf Gaming, Turtle Beach, Pwnd, and Tomahawk Shades for their support!

We know we have been pretty quiet this year, but it has been for good reason. We have taken the time to evaluate our past, and make some decisions on what we want to do with the future of Aware Gaming. At a time where virtually everyone is trying to jump into the exploding Esports scene, we want to make sure we keep our identity, and continue to choose to do things the way we want to do them, rather than getting caught up in the "arms race" of professional gaming. Over the past 3+ years in the Esports scene now, we have always been able to maintin a very positive reputation amongst everyone we have worked with. This type of atmosphere, and reputation is something we want to make sure we continue in to the future.

We also want to make sure that the teams we support, the players we are giving the opportunity to travel and compete all over the world, are the types of players and teams we can be proud about representing our brand and our sponsors. We have worked with some truly great players over the years, across numerous competitive games, and throughout many different countries. And even when our paths moved in different directions, we have continued to mantain a great friendship with so many of these players. 

With that, we are excited to let you know we have started our search for teams and new ideas to continue to move forward with Aware Gaming! We have a couple secret little projects that we have let grow over the last few months, and will be a little different from what we have done in the past. But we are also looking for the next waves of top-tier teams who will represent Aware Gaming in the best possible manner moving into the future! As always, we evaluate all possibilities on a case-by-case basis, but a few titles we are already looking into include:

  • CS:GO
    • Super Smash Bros
      • Hearthstone
        • Overwatch
        • Other FGC titles
          • A couple other surprise games that will bring something different to Aware Gaming!

          As we start to ramp back up, we will also be looking to add some additional staff members to the team. We are looking for quality people who want to be a part of what we do, and be a part of growing Aware to even bigger heights. We also need people who can follow through on their committments. We can always use help, but a few specific areas we are looking for help include:

          • Website manager to keep our website and content up to date, and to also help us migrate our existing website to a new platform.
          • Social media manager who knows how to keep social media active while providing quality and professional posts.
          • Team managers who can help make sure our teams have what they need taken care of, and also to help Aware management get the content and information we need from our teams.
          • Youtube/Twitch content providers. We are always looking for reliable and quality media people to join our team.

          We have only mentioned a few things here, so if you feel you have a team we should be looking at, or are someone interested in helping Aware Gaming, make sure to get in touch with us! We our constantly reviewing our applications, so if you are interested in getting in touch, please contact us using the application on our website, or by emailing us at: We can't always respond to everyone, but will be in touch if we feel there could be a good fit!

          We are really excited to break from our short hiatus, and looking forward to getting back in the middle of competing for championships!

          We told you before that we would be looking into the French eSports scene, it just may have taken a little bit longer to come to fruition than we originally planned. The French have an eSports scene that produces such passion, a huge following, and players that are so proud to compete in France, that we have known for awhile we wanted to be more involved. We have long admired the passion of the fans, the immense following they show for their favorite players. And after we competed in France twice during the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season, including finishing in 5th place at the 2013 ESWC, we could feel the energy those events gave off all the way to the United States.

          So it is with great pleasure that we announce our new Call of Duty roster for Black Ops 3, and our first full French roster! The roster consists of the previously announced Maxime "Agonie" Di Falco, along with Quentin "Veziok" Seury, Jason "Jayz" Faille, and Thomas "AzoX" Albanece. With an extremely talented and experienced roster like this, not only do we believe this could be the top team in France, but a top competitor in Europe as well. The team boasts a ton of top-tier competitive Call of Duty experience between two long-time legendary players in the French scene like Agone and AzoX. Veziok was also one of the top French players last season on Call of Duty while playing for HyperGames. And although you may now be as familiary with Jayz, he is an outstanding young talent who is primed to make sure you know who he is very soon!

          Between the players on the team, they have multiple Call of Duty World Championships appearances, European Championship appearances, ESWC, and numerous Call of Duty titles in France. This team will be a strong candidate to qualify for the newly created Call of Duty World League for Europe, and you can expect to see them not only taking down more French titles in 2016, but also making more appearances in other major European tournaments. You can also expect to see a steady supply of streaming and videos from our new roster, and a team that is more interactive than some of our previous rosters.

          We hope that you will join us in welcoming Agonie, AzoX, Jayz, and Veziok to Aware Gaming and show them your support for the Black Ops 3 season!

          Today we are ecstatic to announce that we are expanding our presence in the Xbox Smite scene to Europe! We have been a strong supporter of the Xbox Smite scene since the beginning, and with the success of our North American Smite team we feel like the time is right to also enter into the European Smite scene. With that being said, we would like to welcome the team formally known as "Team Insomnia" to Aware Gaming! The roster which consists of four UK players, and one from Hungary will be: Team Captain and Support David "Zenborne" Pentek, Solo Laner Jack "Watson" Watson, Jungler Joshua "Future" Barboteau, Mid Laner William "Syncrotion" Theobold, and AD Carry Jordon "Dobson" Dobson. They will also be joined by their Coach/Sub and EU Smite scene veteran, Dirk "prOxyQQ" Meichsner.

          The team which had previously also been known as "Silent Pandas" and "Mortality", have been a consistent top performing team in the EU Xbox scene from the very first tournaments. The team already has over 10 first place finishes in the ESL and Gfinity online Smite cups, and most importanly have qualified for the ESL European Finals, November 28-29th! The team qualified after winning the second online qualifier, and will be competing along with three other teams for the coveted EU spot at the Smite World Championships in Atlanta! With the experience, performance, and dedication of this team, along with the great knowledge that Dirk brings to the team as their new coach, we have a ton of confidence that this team will be right there competing for the SWC spot!

          Team captain David "Zenborne" Pentek had this to say :

          "We're very excited to be a part of a renowned professional organization like Aware Gaming,especially with the upcoming LAN.Thus we're looking forward to give our best in every competition to get the best results we can achieve!"

          We hope everyone will welcome and support the new team, and make sure to cheer them on November 28-29th, as they compete in the European Finals! Together with our North American team, we are extremely excited to have two extremely talented rosters competing for us!

          Make sure to give the team a follow on Twitter too:

          David "Zenborne" Pentek || @Aware_Zenborne
          Jack "Watson" Watson || @Aware_Watson
          Joshua "Future" Barboteau || @Aware_Future
          William "Syncrotion" Theobold || @Aware_Syn
          Jordon "Dobson" Dobson || @Aware_Dobson
          Dirk "prOxyQQ" Meichsner || @proxyQQ

          Only a week removed from a successful weekend at the MLG World Finals in New Orleans where our Smite team finished in 3rd place and secured a spot in the MLG Smite Pro League, a number of roster changes have been being made throughout the pro team rosters, affecting us as well. While some of the circumstances around these changes have been unfortunate to both us and our remaining players, we are choosing not to look back but to focus on moving forward to securing a spot in the playoffs, and then to the Smite World Championship.

          As of now, both Ryan "Aggro" Bailey and TJ "Shame" Burnam have decided to leave Aware Gaming. We wish them best of luck with their new journeys. However, we are excited to welcome Tyler "Qruxy" Partain to our pro league roster to fill the role of AD Carry! Qruxy is very highly regarded in the Xbox Smite scene as a former challenger level League of Legends player, and for helping his former team, Team Solo Queue/Vanquish be quite successful since joining the competitive Xbox scene later than most of the other teams. With this move, Tyler "Tsmall" Small will be making the move to jungler, which was his primary role before switching to AD Carry.

          To fill our need in the middle, Nicholas "Yubs" Yebba will be added to our roster for our first match of the season tonight against Team Eager. Yubs has been around the Xbox Smite scene for awhile now, and is widely regarded as one of the most solid all-around players. While we haven't had enough time to make a final decision on our mid-lane position yet, we will make sure that we do everything possible to put our team in the best position to succeed moving forward.

          Along with these changes, we are happy to announce that Andy "Candyman" Candiello will now fill the role of team captain! Andy has been a rock for us in the solo lane, and his performance in New Orleans was crucial in helping us be as successful as we were. While roster changes are never optimal at the last minute, we are giving our full support to the team to move forward and do whatever it takes to continue to be one of the top teams in the game.